Inland Family Success Center

Inland Family Success Center

Atlantic County Family Success Center's may be able to offer COVID-19 Vaccines in the very near future.

We are looking to determine if vaccines were offered on-site, who would be interested in participating at the center. Please fill out the quick survey below to let us know. 

Oceanside 1 FSC 609-236-8800
Oceanside 2 FSC 609-594-4990 
Hammonton FSC 609-567-2900
Inland FSC 609-569-0376
New Day FSC 609-652-0230

Thank you in advance!

A community-based, family-centered neighborhood gathering place where community residents can go for family support, information, and services. The Family Success Center’s goal is to enrich the lives of children and adults by making families stronger and empowering them to succeed. 

Inland Family Success Center is a "one-stop" shop that serves families in a safe and supportive home-like environment and offers programs and workshops designed to strengthen the family unit, build relationships, enrich the lives of community members, and make families and the neighborhood stronger.  Our Family Success Center provides wrap-around resources and support services to help families and strengthen communities. 

All services and workshops are FREE.


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